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You can help GLOVE by making a donation

GLOVE needs your help to continue its work in The Gambia.

To make it easier for you to make donations we have set up a number of ways for you to give money:

  • Direct Debit or Bank Transfer to GLOVE
    Account number 71793144
    Sort Code 40-16-05
  • PAYPAL using the Donate button

If you are a UK Tax Payer please download our GIFT AID form. By using this form we can reclaim the tax and make your money go further.

Donations to GLOVE enable change

ALL monies raised and donated reach the target village.
No administration charges are taken off.
No salaries are funded.
EVERYTHING goes into the project.


(All costs are approximate)

A primary child's education for a year: £78 or £6.50 per month

Treat a whole village for intestinal worms £1000 and for animals £500

Support for pregnant women: half a litre of fresh milk per day, Ante-natal checks, Iron supplements etc £120 p.a. or £10 per month

Provide training, materials and tools to set up own small business e.g. Tie Dye, Soap Making £240 or £20 per month

Donate a donkey

Water Tower and Irrigation System £2500

Upgrade of well to supply safe drinking water £1300

Local GLOVE staff £600 p.a. or £50 p.m.

Malaria Medicine for one village £400

Mosquito nets £6.50 each

How much can YOU afford?

Global LOngevity through Village Enterprises