The Problems

Within the villages:

Over 80% of adults are illiterate, they never had the opportunity to attend any School.

  • There is a low skills base for adults
  • Villagers cannot afford school fees and equipment for their children
  • Nursery education is desperately needed

SchoolThere are many different tribes in the Gambia, each with its own language. Inevitably, when primary education begins at age 7, schooling is entirely in English. As their parents only speak tribal languages, the children in our villages desperately need nursery education where they can learn English ready for primary education.

We have built Nursery Schools in the past and have run Child Sponsorship programmes. Our current focus is upon supporting various schools by assisting with school materials and volunteer placements which greatly assist the teachers and improve their standards of teaching.

You can continue to support us in this role and we look forwarding to hearing from you with any assistance you may be able to give. You may wish to consider funding a Nursery teachers salary, approx £40 per month or you may wish to support us with purchasing materials for a school locally for around £20 per month. Set up a Standing Order to the GLOVE Project and help us make a difference with the Education of these children.

Global LOngevity through Village Enterprises