Hand Washing is a crucial part of keeping ourselves clean and reducing the risk of infections passing between families and communities.

Volunteers can really have a huge impact in assisting with training in the rural villages:

  • Making games with children to encourage them to wash their hands and learn why this is so important
  • Teaching basic health skills to the women so they can safely treat their children for "Sticky eye" and other simple but infectious conditions
  • Showing and explaining how to keep the containers clean which are used to collect and store their drinking water
  • There are many other similar tasks which volunteers can engage in to improve the villagers' basic hygiene skills

Basic hygeine is somehting we all take for granted and your help with this will help us to make a difference AND you will receive the warmest welcome you could ever imagine within these rural communities.

Part of our work within the villages includes explaining the crucial importance of washing our hands. The majority of these villages have never had this explained to them and is an important part of our health work. We have also trained some of the village woman how to make soap and have set them up in their own small business in soap making. This ensure access to soap at a reasonable and manageable cost but is also a means of generating income for the woman involved.

The average cost of training 3 woman and setting them up with their own soap making business is £450.00, that is £150.00 per woman. Please help us raise funds for this endeavour.

Global LOngevity through Village Enterprises