Whilst working within the villages we undertake general Health Screening which includes taking Blood Pressures and finding out who is diagnosed with Diabetes. These two conditions kill many in The Gambia yet they are easy controlled with the right medication and ongoing monitoring.

Most people who suffer from these conditions have never had the implications explained to them, they are not told how important it is to have regular checks, that they must stay on their medication long term and many can not afford the medications. We work closely with the nearest Health Centres having a good relationship and referral system with them when this is needed.


Many children under the age of five continue to die in Gambia. Malnutrition remains a problem and many feeding mothers are themselves undernourished. We monitor and give assistance whenever we possibly can in order to improve general health within the villages we work in.

Children with disabilities are viewed as being possessed by evil spirits so are at a high risk of neglect. We have intervened in many cases and have be able to arrange for the children in question to receive hospital treatment and have given them on going support. We have worked closely with the parents teaching them how their child is actually a blessing rather than a devil or demon. This has included giving the family a sack of rice every month and informing them that their special child has been able to secure the rice for them. This has helped to secure the life of the disabled child.

Can you commit to a Donation of £25.00 per month to buy a sack of rice to secure the life of a disabled child?

Elderly Care

This has not reached Gambia as yet and as such GLOVE gives special care, screening and consideration to the Elderly within the villages where we work.

Some of the things we do


  • regular blood pressure checks ensuring those suffering with High Blood Pressure anre referred to hospital. We undertake ongoing monitoring of patients with high blood pressure and ensure where possible that they have access to ongoing medication which is frequently in short supply. This often means we have to purchase and distribute such medication and ensure these patients are aware they need to keep taking the medication long term.
  • IMPROVED NUTRITION. Many elderly people are undernourished and such things as “Complan” have not reached the Gambia as yet and finding high calorie foods is difficult. We have found that locally produced honey is a good substitute and does defiantly help improving the nutritional status of the underweight elderly people who generally have little appetite. This is something which the project also funds.
  • VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS The project buys multi vitamins with additional iron which is distributed to the elderly within the villages who are in a poor nutritional state.

This is a good area for Volunteers to get involved in and no medical training is needed. Everything is carried out under supervision. We are always in need of funds to purchase the honey, multi vitamins as well as the blood pressure medication.

We need regular supplies of multi vitimins and calcium tablets as well as ibuprofen which has a significant impact in treating arthritic hips and knees and greatly improves the quality of life of many elderly people within the village who are literally bed bound without this basic medication.

Of course we monitor closely and ensure these medicines are not given to those with stomach problems. We also need funds to purchase honey and tinned oily sardines to improve calorific intake.

Most organisations sponsor children. Would you Sponsor an elderly person ? Contact us to find out more.

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