All our projects are based on sustainability. It's not about “Just giving” rather about assisting these rural villages to become more self sufficient, giving them the means to be able to do more for themselves and to be able to maintain the projects we implement.

With the Solar Water systems, the village sets up a Bank Account just for “Water” they then collect a set amount each month from each family, this money is then put into the Water Account and can only be used purely for future repairs and replacement parts. The Bank Account is secured so that it can only be used for this purpose. In this way the village can sustain its water project without having to seek further assistance in the future for replacement parts and repairs.

Too many projects within Africa fail due to the lack of sustainability and we aim to reduce these risks where ever possible.

We work for some weeks with the village community sensitising them about how they can maintain a project before we commence work on any project. Although this is very time consuming it is a critical part of our intervention. It is no good at all creating further dependency, we aim to ensure the projects can run and be maintained without ongoing financial help across most areas; our water projects are an ideal example of this.



Global LOngevity through Village Enterprises